Programmes of the YWCA - At Mission Road

The YWCA of Bangalore City, was first started at Mission Road in 1968, where the office is registered, and many programmes bore fruit as a result of the hard work and dedication of many of its founder members and leaders.

The YWCA Kannada Lower Primary School

The YWCA Kannada Lower Primary School (Std. I-V) is a primary school initiated by  YWCA members in 1969. It is located in the slum area of Kader Sheriff Garden, Bangalore and is today a Government recognized school. With an initial enrollment of 6 children, the school now enrolls at least 100 children from the community for free education.

The role of the YWCA is to provide the children with books, uniforms, educational aids and bear the expenses of maintenance. It also organizes events like sports, picnics, various competitions, health camps, educational-cum -recreational camps and annual functions. The school children are also provided lunch daily, as per the provisions of the mid-day meal scheme of the State government. This school has been an asset in the development of the slum community.

Sponsorship for Higher Education

  • A committed Christian group from Germany under the scheme, 'Education, support action South-India' headed by Dr. H.G. Poehlmann has been sponsoring 13 children both boys and girls from the Kader Sheriff garden community, for their higher education. This sponsorship has been operating since 1989. This is a worthwhile and rewarding programme which has provided life changing opportunities for many disadvantaged children in the slum community. YWCA of Bangalore City is grateful to Dr. Poehlmann and his committee.

  • Members and friends of the YWCA of Bangalore City sponsor the education of 12 children from the slum community.

The YWCA of Bangalore City monitors the sponsored children’s progress till their education is complete. The sponsorships have benefited many children to receive higher education and employment, and therefore, positively affecting their families and the community at large.

The Day Care Centre or Mallige at Kader Sheriff Garden

The YWCA of Bangalore City also runs a Day-Care for the slum community at the Kader Sheriff Garden which includes;

  • 28 children between the age of 2 to 5.

  • Teaching basic kindergarten learning.

  • Recreational activities and snacks during their time at the Day-Care.

  • Providing safety & care for children, whilst their mothers are at work.

Free Computer Course

Free short-term Basic Computer Course is offered for girls from the lower income groups. On completion of the course the YWCA of Bangalore City awards a certificate. Some students take further courses in computers and get employed in reputed companies. This course has enabled many young girls to find employment.



  Programmes at Arathi - Koramangala

As a response to the increasing number of programmes of the Bangalore YWCA City, a new building project was established in a prime location in Bangalore. Under the guidance and commitment of key volunteer leaders, Arathi was born.

Arathi is now a key project of the YWCA of Bangalore City, initiated in August 2005 in Koramangala, to typically reflect a Centre for Womens’ Development. It has identified and developed programmes and projects, that truly empower women and girls

The Centre includes;

  • A unique space for leadership training for women of all ages and diverse backgrounds.
  • A variety of community development projects
  • Guest rooms and a residence/hostel for working women in the city
  • A multi-purpose hall (Conference Room) ideally suited for workshops/ seminars/ meetings and other training purposes
  • A platform for networking among different NGOs, schools and colleges on common concerns.

The Abraham Learning Centre (ALC) at Arathi

This creative Day Care Centre is run entirely by volunteers and their donations. It is a well-equipped and cheerful creche supervised by trained staff with at least 40 children between the ages of 3 and 5, from the neighbouring Koramangala slums. The Centre provides:

  • Regular medical check-ups and a child-friendly nutritional diet.
  • Basic kindergarten learning and recreational activities.
  • Art and craft classes, singing and dancing.
  • A model Anganwadi that effectively caters to the community children.
  • A Medical Help for MothersScheme that provides medical treatment at a minimal cost for mothers of the children of ALC.
  • A Monthly Saving Scheme for the children of ALC which will be refunded once the child leaves the Centre to attend regular school.

The Day Care Centre has grown considerably. From providing quality crèche facilities, it has developed to a Centre from where the awareness and knowledge that education is not an option but a necessity in the future, is spread to the families of the children and to their surrounding communities. The Centre can be proud of its holistic approach to developing a Day Care for children.

Counselling in Koramangala:

With the increasing need to provide counsel for women facing domestic violence, sexual harassment or other forms of violence, free counselling is being offered for women and children facing violence or depression

At Arathi- Center for Women’s Development, No. 7, 6th Block, 20th Main, Koramangala, Bangalore- 95

Landmark - Next to Koramangala Police Station

Counseling timings and days:

Mondays: 2:00-5:00pm

Tuesdays: 3:30-6:00pm

Wenesdays: 2:00-5:pm

Saturdays: 11:00am-2:00pm

Prior appointment is not required.

Please contact: YWCA at 25634813

*Crisis Room at Arathi : The YWCA of Bangalore City offers a 'Crisis Room' that shelters women victims of domestic violence for a period of time.

Drop-In-Learning Center:

Arathi, Koramangala is situated less than a kilometer away from one of the biggest slums of Bangalore…the Koramangala slums. In the last count there were over 33,000 families living there, and is made up of several small and medium sized slums...Rajaji Nagar, L R Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar etc. A survey carried out by the YWCA has shown that there are a large number of school drop-outs resulting in increased child labour and socially unacceptable behaviour.

The Drop-In-Learning Centre of the YWCA was opened on 15 February 2010 in the space provided by the government on the covered terrace of a school building at LR Nagar, Koramangala right in the middle of the big slum. At least fifteen to twenty boys and girls drop in regularly after 2:30pm till about 6:00pm. They are curious, willing to partake in guided individual and group activities and have the freedom to come in with their younger siblings and spend time in the Center. Some even come in before or after or between their ‘child labour acitivites’ which include a whole range of activities from selling ‘juices’ at their doorsteps of their homes to working in garages.

Two field workers and one supporting staff are looking after the Center. The day to day involvement is challenging. The children are unruly, violent and some carry knives in their pockets. However the children enjoy the activities. The activities conducted by the YWCA are Karate, Yoga class, indoor games, drawing, paintings, reading books and playing puzzles. They also have music and dance sessions. They enjoy out-door games like cricket and football.

The summer camp for these children was conducted at Bethany High School, Hypocampus organized a story telling mela at Bal Bhavan.

The staff regularly visits the homes of the drop-outs and meetings for individual mothers are organized regarding the child and reasons for their dropping out of school.

    Leadership and Development Programmes

The leadership and development programmes of the YWCA of Bangalore City include:

  • Awareness programmes on environmental and social issues in schools and colleges.

  • Personality development training workshops in colleges.

  • Leadership training workshops for staff and volunteers of the Association.

  • Peace initiatives in the form of meetings, consultations, campaigns and workshops on communal harmony, non-violence, national integration.

  • Networking with other NGOs on common concerns e.g. violence against women, rights of the child, discriminatory laws, and sustainable development programmes.

    Special Programmes

The YWCA of Bangalore City organizes regular monthly programmes for its members such as seminars on women’s issues, current concerns, women's health, laws affecting women and so on. Documentary films on social issues are screened periodically and field trips are organised to raise an awareness on those in distress or need.

Special Indian festival days are celebrated with colour, fun, food and entertainment. These events enable members to stay connected and involved with the activities and concerns of the Association.

The YWCA also observes annual events such as the World Membership Day, International Women’s Day, and the World YMCA and YWCA week of prayer and World Fellowship

The Charity Bazaar is an annual fundraising event of NGOs in the city, where the YWCA of Bangalore City also participates

The YWCA of Bangalore City hosts a Bazaar Day annually at Arathi premises where NGOs and young women entrepreneurs are encouraged to promote their organization, through sales of their products and display of their services.

Committee on Public Affairs and Social Issues (PASI) - A programme committee to focus on current issues and concerns that particularly affect the status of women, is formed to attract members who would initiate advocacy related programmes for the YWCA. The committee organises special events, trainings and campaigns to highlight current social issues. It invites all like-minded persons and organisations to join, and lobby for policy change that would bring about transformation in society.

    Programmes for Youth

The Participation and Involvement of Youth for Action (PIYA) is the youth wing of the YWCA membership, which invites young women from schools and colleges to join in the youth programmes of the organization. YWCA has always been passionate about tapping young minds and provides a platform where young women can be trained to become leaders in their communities. The variety of programmes that PIYA offers to young people are:

  • Summer/ winter camps for children from the urban and rural communities

  • Art and craft workshops for school children

  • Cultural festivals and creative competitions for colleges

  • Awareness raising workshops on social issues e.g. girl child, violence against women, human rights and environment.

  • Leadership training workshops on gender,  women and health, and skills’ development

  • Training workshops on communication skills

  • Family Life Education for Adolescent girls e.g. sexuality, HIV/AIDS, self-esteem and young women’s health.