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To ensure that women have equal access to health, employment and a rightful place in society

YWCA of Bangalore City stands for eliminating all forms of Violence against Women and Children.


Empowerment of women through life skills training to be self reliance

Rangoli Centre for Elderly Women

Day Care Centres- provides quality pre-school education to the childrens of the slums

 YWCA of Bangalore City

Formed in 1968 and is affiliated to the YWCA of India.

Membership organization open to women and girls of diverse backgrounds Runs a plethora of community development projects that promote the welfare of marginalized communities. Organizes leadership training workshops and awareness programmes on social issues Reaches out to schools and colleges through peer educational programmes, personality development workshops and creative competitions Offers residential facilities for working women, guest rooms and a multi-purpose hall open to all. Well networked with other local NGOs on social issues Inspired by the Christian heritage of the movement, it actively invites women of all faiths to join in working towards all women.

Structure of the YWCA of Bangalore City

Driven by commitment and volunteerism, the YWCA of Bangalore City is built on a strong foundation of women leaders who bring with them-a deep understanding and knowledge, experience and expertise. The YWCA of Bangalore City elects its leaders to serve on the policy making board for a specific term, whose primary responsibility is to determine the policy, constitution, strategic directions and budgets of the Association. Keeping with the spirit and ideals of the organization, the professional staff who are appointed, work in partnership with the volunteer leaders, to realize the vision and goals of the organization.

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YWCA of Bangalore City
#32 Mission Road, II Cross
CSI Compound, Mission Road
Bangalore - 560 027
Tel: 080-22238574